Commissioning a new piece of music is a wonderful, rewarding experience for both the composer and the commissioning party, and there are a lot of things to consider. The information below provides some general information about the commissioning process. Please feel free to email me or contact me via social media for more information.

Time Frame
A good “rule of thumb” is to allow 18–24 months from the signing of an agreement until the work has been completed and is ready to be given to the musicians to prepare for performance. A smaller scale work might be written in a few months.

Meet the Composer has created a PDF that answers many questions about commissioning as well as providing industry guidelines for commissioning rates. My current rate schedule ranges from $200-400 per minute depending upon ensemble size and difficulty. Fees include engraving, copying, and delivery fees. Future performances, recordings, or high-profile performances all play a role in determining the final commissioning fee.

Creating a Consortium
Another option is to create a consortium of ensembles to commission a single work. While you may lose some creative control and sole commissioning credit, there are several benefits. Beyond the obvious benefit of splitting the bill, a consortium also:
* allows more organizations to be part of the creative process;
* builds broad interest around a composer and the new work;
* heightens the commissioning institutions’ visibility beyond their own communities;
* builds lasting relationships among the consortium partners and between presenters and communities;

Our Continued Relationship
I love to keep in touch after working with a commissioning party. If you perform your commissioned piece in subsequent seasons, please let me know! I keep an online calendar of upcoming events and enjoy letting friends and fans know of performances in their area.

Thank you for your interest in commissioning a new work! I look forward to working together.