Work List

small ensemble

All compositions may be purchased via the contact link

Large Ensemble

Unremembered (2019)

full orchestra (6min.) listen view

Eternal Soundings (2019)

large chamber ensemble (11min.) view

The Outsider's Guide to Fitting In (2018)

wind ensemble (9min.) view


Encased Indifference (2020)

saxophone and interactive audio (8min.) view

Confab (2019)

trombone and fixed audio (8min.) view

Boundaries (2018)

drum set and fixed video (8min.) listen view

Night Watch (2016)

violoncello and audience devices (7min.) listen view

News Flash (2015)

alto saxophone and fixed video (8min.) listen view

Two Lost Loves (2014)

clarinet and fixed audio (8min.) listen view

Elementary Rhythms (2014)

5-string electric bass and fixed audio (9min.) listen view

Fableously (2014)

string quartet and fixed audio (12min.) view

Small Ensemble

Well Change (2019)

percussion ensemble (7 players) (8min.) view

Was, Then Was Not (2016)

piano four-hands (6min.) view

Still Tension (2014)

piano quartet (violin, viola, cello, piano) (10min.) listen view

Skin Under Stress (2014)

four bass drums (9min.) listen view

Lockstep (2014)

trombone octet/choir (4min.) listen view
available from Warwick Music

Eternal Enamor (2007)

soprano saxophone and piano (12min.) listen: I II III view
available from Dorn Publications

Reflextions (2006)

oboe, clarinet, bassoon, cello, percussion (10min.) listen view